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quran tafseer classes online

Quran Tafseer classes online

Many Muslims who do not speak Arabic struggle to comprehend the true meaning of the verses of the Quran. Without knowing the background, readers may fail to understand what Allah intends to convey through His words. By taking Quran Tafseer classes online, they can gain a better understanding of each verse and its deeper meanings. Through these courses, they can learn about the different aspects and implications of each surah and ayat. With this knowledge, they can discover more about the revelation that was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and how it relates to their lives today. Furthermore, learning Tafseer provides an opportunity for greater spiritual growth and development as Muslims are able to fully appreciate why Allah has provided us with such guidance in our lives. With an increased understanding of the Quran’s words comes an increased sense of freedom from everyday worries as individuals become more connected with God’s teachings. Additionally, online Quran classes provide superior convenience; students can access them at any time and from any place, thus allowing for greater flexibility in their learning process. Taking advantage of these opportunities will help Muslims around the world get closer to truly understanding The Almighty’s divine message in its entirety.

Resala Academy has developed an extensive course for those who find it difficult to comprehend the Quran and who may not have access to a tutor in a non-Muslim country. Our course provides participants with a comprehensive understanding of the Quran, from its core themes to its narrative structure and various interpretations. Utilizing interactive elements, multimedia tutorials, and audio clips, our program allows users to engage with the text in ways that are both meaningful and enjoyable. We strive to ensure that our students are able to take away applicable knowledge regardless of their prior experience or faith affiliation. With this course, participants will gain an appreciation for the beauty of the Quranic message as well as an understanding of its relevance to their lives. Additionally, they will be exposed to different interpretations of the text while learning how to make sense of them within their own contexts. Furthermore, students will be provided with resources that can help deepen their study of Islamic teachings and broaden their knowledge base in order to become more informed Muslims. By taking this course, learners will develop an appreciation for faith-based discourse in general, encouraging them to think critically about other religious beliefs as well as their own.

This course is tailored to meet the specific needs of non-native Arab Muslims, taught by certified Azhar tutors with an advanced level of English proficiency and native fluency in Arabic. Our teachers are experts in their field and they approach teaching the Quran in a way that makes it easy for students to understand the intricate language and gain maximum benefit from its verses and surahs. They make use of established tafsir books to explain their interpretations for increased comprehension. Not only do our teachers provide a thorough understanding of the teachings, but they also demonstrate how these values can be applied in everyday life. In addition, our instructors encourage students to engage with the material even further through independent thought and self-driven exploration, emphasizing the importance of developing a personal relationship with The Book. Our goal is for our students to develop an appreciation and understanding not just for the words on paper, but also for the culture that surrounds them.

Before we dive into the details of our online Quran Tafseer course, it is important to understand the concept itself.

What Does Tafseer Mean?

Tafseer is a term derived from the Arabic word ‘fa-sa-ra’, which literally translates as ‘explanation’ or ‘commentary’. It is an interpretive science that aims to explain and expound on the meaning of Quranic verses by examining them from different angles such as language, grammar, and context. The practice of Tafseer has been around since the 7th century when prominent Islamic scholars such as Ibn Abbas analysed and interpreted the verses of the Quran using their own knowledge and understanding. Throughout history, numerous commentaries have been written about the holy book, each providing its own insights and interpretations. Yet despite its widespread use, there are still some aspects of Tafseer that remain open to debate or interpretation even today. For example, while some scholars argue that certain verses should be taken literally while others suggest they should be understood figuratively or metaphorically – ultimately leading to diverse opinions on matters related to faith and religion. With this in mind, our aim with this online course is to provide students with a comprehensive overview of all aspects related to Tafseer – from its historical origins right up until present-day debates – so they can then make well-informed decisions regarding their own interpretations of the Quran.

Why is Learning Tafseer Essential?

Tafseer is an essential part of Islamic learning as it allows Muslims to gain a better understanding of the Quran’s teachings. Without Tafseer, it would be much more difficult to grasp concepts related to faith, morality and spirituality as they are expressed in the holy book. By engaging with different interpretations of the text and delving deeper into its lessons, Muslims can develop a personal relationship with Allah’s words – thereby gaining insight into their own purpose in life and how best to live according to His will. At, Resala Academy we believe that learning Tafseer should be accessible for everyone. That is why our online course offers comprehensive coverage of all aspects related to this subject without compromising on quality or depth. Through our course, we strive to provide students with the necessary tools to gain a better understanding of the Quran and how its teachings can be applied in their everyday life.

How does the Course Work?

By enrolling in our online course, students will have access to:

  • Comprehensive lesson plans covering all aspects related to Tafseer
  • Detailed explanations from certified Azhar tutors
  • A platform for engaging in debates surrounding interpretations of the Quran
  • An opportunity for developing a personal relationship with The Holy Book.

Ultimately, by completing this course you will be able to understand the Holy book on a deeper level and appreciate its teachings in both spiritual and practical terms – something that is certainly invaluable when it comes to your own Islamic learning journey.

Why to Choose Our Online Quran Tafseer Course?

At Resala Academy, we strive to provide the highest quality education in an accessible and affordable manner. We are proud to say that our online Quran Tafseer course is no exception. Our team of certified Al Azhar tutors makes sure that each lesson is taught with clarity and accuracy while also providing personalized attention to every student. In addition, our platform makes it easy for students to track their progress as they go along – ensuring that each individual can move at their own pace without feeling overwhelmed or lost. Finally, since the course is conducted entirely online, you can learn from wherever you are in the world – making it a convenient option for those who may not have access to traditional Islamic learning resources.

Schedule Flexibility

Our online Quran Tafseer course is designed to fit your existing commitments. You can choose from three different course durations – each one tailored to a specific level of commitment and learning objective. So whether you are looking for an intensive, comprehensive experience or just want to get a basic understanding of this subject matter, Resala Academy has something for everyone.

Structured Study Plans

Our course is designed with the needs of our students in mind. We offer structured study plans that are easy to follow and ensure that students make steady progress towards their learning goals. Each lesson will include activities, tests and assignments so you can apply your knowledge in a practical setting and really hone your understanding of Tafseer.

Interactive Classes

At Resala Academy, our classes are designed to be interactive and engaging. We understand that learning can often feel more like a chore than something enjoyable – which is why we strive to make our courses as interactive as possible. Each session will include discussions, debates, hands-on activities and multimedia presentations so you can experience the material in an immersive way.

A Comprehensive Understanding of Tafseer

We take pride in providing comprehensive coverage of everything related to Tafseer. From the basics of Islamic terminology and beliefs to detailed analysis of selected verses in the Quran, our course covers all aspects in order to give students a well-rounded understanding of this subject matter. By completing our program, you will gain valuable insight into how each verse of the Quran is interpreted in a spiritual and practical sense.

May Allah (SWT) guide you on your path of success. Ameen.

Course Content

Our online Tafseer course covers a range of topics related to the Quran, including:

• Principles of Tafseer

• Interpretation of Verses and Chapters

• Hadith and Its Role in Tafseer

• Contemporary Issues & Relevance

By the end of this course you will have gained an extensive knowledge of the Quran’s teachings as well as developed a greater appreciation for its spiritual significance.

Course Objectives

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

• Understand and interpret verses in the Quran

• Discuss various opinions on Tafseer

• Recognize contemporary issues in relevance to the Quran

• Differentiate between valid and invalid Hadith sources

• Analyze various readings and interpretations of the Quran.

We hope that by completing our program, you will have gained a better understanding of Allah’s words – thereby deepening your faith while also finding purpose in life. We look forward to helping you reach your Islamic learning goals!


Q: Who is the course suitable for?

A: Our online Quran Tafseer course is suitable for anyone of any age, from beginners to experienced learners.

Q: How long does it take to complete the course?

A: The duration of the course depends on your learning goals and commitment level. We offer three different durations – one month, two months or four months.

Q: How will I be assessed?

A: Each lesson includes activities, tests, and assignments so you can apply what you learn in a practical setting. At the end of the program, there is also a final exam that must be passed in order to receive a certificate of completion.


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Don’t hesitate – start your Islamic learning journey today with our online Quran Tafseer course. With our team of certified Al Azhar tutors and easy-to-follow study plans, you can guarantee that you will be getting the best education possible. So why wait? Sign up now and take one step closer to reaching your Islamic learning goals!


Our online Quran Tafseer course is a great way to learn about this subject matter in a convenient and flexible way. With our certified Al Azhar tutors, structured study plans, and easy-to-follow activities, you can guarantee that you will be getting the best education possible. Don’t wait – sign up now and start your journey towards mastering the Quran!

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