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Student Attendance Policy

  1. Regular Class Attendance:

  • If a student failed to attend the first class, please contact admin@resala-academy..com to explain the reason for absence. For the rest of the classes, the student should notify both teacher and admin 3 hours before the class otherwise this would be considered as non-attendance case.
  • It is highly recommended to attend all classes to help us achieve your learning objectives.


  1. Punctual Class Attendance:

  • The teacher would join on the class timing and will wait for 15 minutes. In case the student won’t show up, he will leave the meeting room and the class would be considered as done.
  • The student must make sure to get in touch with the teacher before the class starts throughout Whatsapp so if he/she has any problems with their class settings, the teacher may assist the student.
  • In emergency situations (connection failure, power cut, illness, etc.), students must contact their teacher through the phone to let him/her know the situation otherwise the class would be considered as performed in case there is no show-up.


  1. Online Classrooms should be considered as the real-based classrooms

  • It is vital to treat the classroom as a real based one. The virtual classroom should be regarded as a professional environment with mutual respect for both teachers and students.
  • Much emphasis will be given to the active participation of students. Teachers will have to submit a report every month concerning the performance of his/her students.


  1. Regarding Absence/Missed Classes

  • If the student is planning to be absent for a class/for a number of classes, the student must make sure to inform in advance to the teacher and admin “at least 3 hours before the class”. Please note that the missed classes due to the unplanned leave of the students will not be made up later by the teacher.  
  • If you are a student of 1 to 1 session, the classes missed by the students will not be made up later unless it has been informed 3 hours in advance before the class. Classes missed due to the absence of your teacher will be rescheduled for another day convenient for both you and your teacher.
  • In case of planned leave by a student, it is the responsibility of the student to notify the teacher about his/her absence and to let him/her know that you will not be able to show up in the class.


  1. Administrative Concerns:

  • Once the time for a class is set, it will not be changed unless it’s really necessary to do so, and an appropriate decision will be taken by the admin and the teacher in each particular case.
  • Children under the age of 10 should be guided by their parents and their participation will be observed along with their child.
  • Parents or adult students can send a mail regarding their teachers punctuality & discipline, class times or any other related issues to the admin on admin@resala-academy.com or over Whatsapp, and the decision will be taken in accordance with the policies and rules of our academy with the intention of providing the best services for all the stakeholders involved.
  • If a student is unsatisfied with his/her teacher in the first week, then he/she can send a mail to us or talk with us over Whatsapp# +201110563087, but please note that a student cannot change his/her teacher for more than once in a given month and if that happens 3 times in 3 different months, the student will have an option of opting out from our academy.
  • For further enquiries, please contact: admin@resala-academy.com


  1. Refund policy:

  • If student missed one-month classes and wish to have a full refund he/she/parents must email us at admin@resala-academy.com  by the end of that month or by the first of next month
  • Refunds are made on whole month fee only, no partial refunds will be done for any number of missed classes however these missing classes can be made-up in case it was planned and notified.


  1. Other Important notes:

  • Please ask doubts during the assigned classroom session time. The teacher is not obliged to reply to messages on WhatsApp, other chats, phones as he/she may be occupied and will be catering to other students.
  • Teacher expects your full focus and dedication towards learning. It has been found that those who complete the course earlier than the stipulated time, had passion and gave top priority to the course.
  • Please help us spread this mission by sharing about us in your community.


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